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Good news from Israel over immigration

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Good news from Israel over immigration Empty Good news from Israel over immigration

Post  polka23dot Sun Sep 15, 2013 8:03 am

The Israeli government is to start repatriating immigrants from Eritrea and the Sudan, who number more than 50,000, back to Africa, via Uganda, in a plan recently announced by the right-wing coalition government.

Israel regards the immigrants as economic migrants who have entered the country illegally in search of jobs and benefits and government ministers openly call the African immigrants “infiltrators” who are a threat to the demographic stability of the country which is predominantly Jewish in composition, thanks to decades of a selective pro-Jewish immigration policy.

According to the Israeli government plan, the illegal African immigrants will first be asked to “willingly” leave the country, akin to the British government’s recent ‘Go Home’ plan, which also asked illegal immigrants to leave the UK or face arrest and deportation. Once that deadline has passed, the Israeli government intends to take more direct measures and reduce the number of African immigrants in the country.

A fence along Israel’s border with Egypt has also largely curtailed the movement of African migrants into Israel, when nearly 2,000 a month were entering the country illegally in 2011.

Only radical measures such as the Israeli government’s repatriation plan will safeguard the demographic future of Israel.

It is an example governments across Europe will follow, in due course, if those nations are to survive in the future.

source: http://britishdemocraticparty.org/good-news-from-israel-over-immigration/

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