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Post  polka23dot Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:27 pm

With Open Gates: https://archive.org/details/WithOpenGatesTheForcedCollectiveSuicideOfEuropeanNationsMIRROR

A majority of western Europeans are in favour of ending the free movement of people across borders as the migration crisis escalates, according to a new poll. The IFOP poll, conducted in several European countries and published in the newspaper Le Figaro, shows 67 per cent of the French would like to reinstate border controls. They want to scrap the Schengen Agreement, which allows people to travel without passports in 26 European countries, including 22 EU member-states as well as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Britain has opted out of the agreement and still controls its borders, but 63 per cent of Britons would like to see border checks reinstated in Europe. A majority of Italians and Germans would also favour such a move, with 56 per cent of Italians and 53 per cent of Germans wanting to scrap the Schengen treaties. source: www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/11734074/W-s.html

It seems all but impossible that the crisis brought on by the Islamization in Europe will end peacefully. The process has gone too far to be rolled back by normal political means. We are facing the possibility of open civil war, and relatively soon. There are already “no-go zones” and sharia-controlled areas in dozens of European cities. How much longer can it be until a more explicit political separation is demanded? And how will native Europeans react to alien political states carved out of their own countries, which they must subsidize through their taxes? If this war comes about, it will not be a civil war in the traditional sense. It will not consist of two armed factions of the same culture and people facing off against each other in their own homeland. This will be the clash of two alien cultures within the same territory. It will be an unimaginably horrible nightmare, the likes of which have never been seen before in Europe... There is no placating Islam: it intends to take everything we possess and destroy everything we are. Any negotiated settlement is just a temporary pause called by the Soldiers of Allah while they regroup. As the Koran instructs them, they are required to resume the battle as soon as they have sufficient strength. source: http://www.rightsidenews.com/2014090934817/editorial/rsn-pick-of-the-day/elisabeth-sabaditsch-wolff-our-present-is-your-future.html

Egyptian researcher Ali Abd Al-Aal talks about Muslim invaders of Europe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GibPb2mm8fc

Muslim attacks on Jews spiraling across Europe go virtually unreported by mainstream Western media; everyone, therefore, misses big story: the tsunami of anti-Jewish hatred rolling across Europe. source: http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/AS-I-SEE-IT-How-the-West-is-complicit-in-Islamic-Jew-hatred-363292

Israeli infiltrates European Muslim community:
part 1 of 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbPmSDnvCL4
part 2 of 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llFe81PtLew
part 3 of 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6rYFq4_q54
part 4 of 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Dwc40RtpDc

Middle East Forum bankrolls free speech defenses for critics of Islam: http://americanindependent.com/218436/middle-east-forum-bankrolls-free-speech-defenses-for-critics-of-islamist-threat

No-go areas for Jews in Europe: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/12605#.UNRP3qzwCyC

Europe became noticeably more Islamized during 2012: http://www.rescuechristians.org/2012/12/27/germany-fear-of-the-east-in-the-west-europe-became-noticeably-more-islamized-during-2012/

Islamic Apartheid in Europe: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/12705#.UPAJPKxOIRM

Europeans are afraid to call Hezbollah what it is because they fear that Hezbollah may activate sleeper cells and carry out attacks in European cities. source: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3614/europe-hezbollah

The North African al Qaeda has been so active because over the last few years they have taken in over a hundred million dollars from kidnapping Europeans found in the area and providing security for drug shipments to the Mediterranean coast (where it is taken to Europe). The mass media tends to miss how important this income is for the terrorists, but the captured documents made it clear that the money is power if you are an Islamic radical. While there is public pressure in Europe to pay ransoms, the governments have generally agreed that they should not because they now recognize that the money supports Islamic terrorism and encourages more kidnappings. The African governments oppose paying big ransoms as well because the terrorists do most of their damage locally. To make matters worse, there are multiple Islamic terrorist groups competing to see who can raise the most cash from European captives. Too often, the European nations pay, because of the intense political and media pressure to "do something" to rescue the widely publicized captives. This is nothing new in Europe, especially the south, where there have often been informal deals with Islamic terrorists to provide sanctuary or lenient prosecution and early release in return for immunity from terrorist attacks. source: http://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htterr/articles/20130312.aspx

Having suffered another unexpected and very damaging defeat in Mali, al Qaeda is trying to use the Internet to turn indignation among its supporters into some locally organized terror attacks in the West, while also striving to impose Islamic (Sharia) law imposed in Moslem communities and eventually throughout the West... While many young Moslems living in the West like to talk about how much they admire al Qaeda, the terrorist organization has had a difficult time turning those attitudes into action... European counter-terrorism organizations are warning Europeans that some of the Islamic radicals who had long lived in Europe had gone to northern Mali, and a few had been caught trying to return to their European sanctuary...  There are at least a hundred Islamic men from Europe who were blocked (by countries they had to pass through) from reaching Mali and have returned angry and more determined to do some damage. Most of these men are known to police.  source: http://www.strategypage.com/qnd/mali/articles/20130318.aspx

Mosque building in Europe shifts into high gear: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3657/europe-mosques

European Court of Human Rights rule that terror suspect wanted in America CAN'T be deported from Britain to the U.S. because it would be bad for his mental health. source: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2309802/

Recently, non-white immigration has resulted in something new: violent reaction by whites. The most spectacular was Anders Breivik’s rampage in Norway that left 77 dead. The victims were mainly young members of the Socialist Party, which Mr. Breivik considered responsible for the Islamization of Norway. Although not widely reported outside of Europe, between 2000 and 2007, a German group called the National Socialist Underground killed 10 people, mainly Turks. The group’s existence become known only in 2011, and Germans were shocked to learn that it had operated for so long without detection by the authorities. In 2012 in Sweden, Peter Mangs was sentenced to life in prison for what became known as the Malmo shootings. Malmo is notorious for its large immigrant population, and during 2009 and 2010, Mr. Mangs shot at dark-skinned people as many 15 times, killing three. Anders Breivik is prompting imitators. In 2012, police arrested a Polish university researcher named Brunon Kwiecien. He had accumulated several tons of explosives, which he planned to load onto a truck and drive into the parliament building. He was a passionate admirer of Mr. Breivik, and complained that the Polish parliament was run by foreigners. In August 2012, police in the Czech Republic arrested a man who had accumulated weapons and explosives in what was thought to be an attempt to imitate Mr. Breivik. In response to events of this kind, a lefty British group has set out to monitor “Right-wing extremism.” The Policy Network will keep an eye on nationalist political parties and try to figure out “what influences the transition of a politics of hate into one of violence.” The arrival of large numbers of non-whites has clearly planted the seeds of violence—mainly by immigrants against European natives—but there are signs of violent resistance to their incursions. source: http://www.amren.com/features/2013/04/unruly-europe-part-two/

Creation of Bosnian Muslim state led to ethnic cleansing of 440,000 Catholics: http://frontpagemag.com/2012/dgreenfield/creation-of-bosnian-muslim-state-led-to-ethnic-cleansing-of-440000-catholics/

European Muslims spend "vacation" in terrorist training camps: http://www.clarionproject.org//analysis/european-muslims-vacation-terrorist-training-camps#

The EU is beloved by the mainstream media. Because it is inherently left-wing, and bureaucratic, and centralizes power far away from the people over whom it rules. It appeals to everyone with a grand scheme that would enrich bureaucrats and tax collectors but suffers from the trifling problem that mere citizens don’t like it... That lack of accountability and democracy is grating. But equally motivating the anti-EU vote is local opposition to the EU’s de facto abolition of borders. That has let millions of migrants move from the poorer parts of the EU to the richer ones – to France and UK in particular. Poor, low-skill Eastern Europeans, driving down wages in the UK, but driving up housing prices. And of course, a related fear that is whispered about by real people, but shut out of most of the media: fear of mass Islamic immigration that contains large elements refusing to accept western, liberal values on everything from integration to the treatment of women. That immigration also contains smaller elements that are willing to use violence to undermine those western values. That’s why voters tuned out the charges of racism that were the knee-jerk reaction to UKIP and other Euroskeptics. It’s not racist to want Britain to be British, not Bulgarian. It’s not racist to want France to be France, and not Morocco. Calling anti-EU parties racist didn’t work. And calling them “fringe” doesn’t even make sense, when they have twice the popular support of parties that are in government. source: http://www.lfpress.com/2014/05/26/a-return-to-common-sense

The elites in Britain, like the elites in America, take a certain pride in having no religious beliefs and do not understand convictions, even sordid convictions, in others. Their first instinct is to cave to outrageous demands of radical newcomers and caution anyone who objects to shut up. Britons have watched as a teacher is hounded from a school by Islamists demanding that girls and boys be separated, as Muslim “grooming gangs” torment girls on the street, as demands grow for Shariah law. A onetime speechwriter for Tony Blair concedes that the scheme was to banish the old white England and usher in a new, vibrant multicultural country. The elites would be protected by wealth and position from what Mr. Cameron would call “deeply unpleasant” effects. Anyone who thought all this scheming was a bad idea, that the culture wrought over centuries of British history should be preserved, that keeping intact the culture that attracted immigration in the first place, was dismissed as a retrograde racist. Immigration was something nice people didn’t talk about. Now they’re talking. What was racist yesterday has become legitimate concern about immigration. Europe and even England, to be sure, are very different from America. But politicians everywhere hold certain truths in common: a boot in the backside can change minds. source: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/may/29/bruce-feeling-a-boot-in-the-backside/

The mainstream opposition to the Eurosceptics is practically visceral in nature. Both the putative centre-left and centre-right denigrate these groups as “Far Right” — a label intended to invoke comparison with World War II’s Axis Powers — and insinuate an ideological affinity between the Eurosceptics and actual neo-Nazi groups such as Greece’s Golden Dawn. UKIP is effectively a dual-issue party, advocating Britain’s withdrawal from the E.U. and an end to mass immigration. The FN, while once animated by the ultra-ethnicism and anti-Semitism of Jean-Marie Le Pen, has essentially become a conservative party. Marine Le Pen is a perfectly reasonable politician whose party stands for sovereignty, significant immigration reductions, and social traditionalism. source: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2014/05/30/jackson-doughart-the-eus-political-earthquake-is-not-about-race/

A wave of Islamization rolls over Europe, hardly meeting any resistance. Statistics are grimmer and more hopeless every day. A demographic collapse passed from being a forecast to being a reality: the number of children in European families does not exceed 1.4, while in immigrant families from Islamic countries it is almost thrice higher: 3.6... Women want to have sex but without such unpleasant and annoying consequences as children, preferring to take care of dogs, cats and other pets instead of taking care of their own children... As Muslims vote by a monolithic bloc, while native votes are politically dispersed, sociologists point that they, even being in minority, can take under control both the legislative and executive branches of power... Europe, lost in fruitless discussions about “rights” and “tolerance” will surrender without hardly any resistance, and Europeans will become second-class unwelcomed guests in their own countries... Europe today is surprisingly similar to Ancient Rome before its fall. source: http://chersonandmolschky.com/2014/06/27/main-danger-europe/

The UN claims that the illegal Muslim invasion racket is the world's third largest criminal activity measured by the income it generates. The trafficking of Muslim invaders has been in the attention of the French police. In 2008, the law-enforcement authorities dismantled hundreds of human-trafficking networks funneling migrants from China, Africa, Middle East and South America... As the European countries strengthen their borders to discourage further Muslim invasion, the business of smuggling Muslims to Europe gets more lucrative, according to the investigators. The Muslim smuggling is a 10,000,000 euro business. The best Muslim smuggling operations provide the forged documents and transportation in the utmost discretion... In 2009 France deported over 29,000 Muslim invaders. source: http://themuslimissue.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/the-organized-muslim-invasion-of-europe/

How do former empires get colonized by their own colonies? It defies all logic, yet somehow, this is what has come to be in Europe. In the midst of a full-blown conquista, after what began as a simple plan to bring over some cheap labor to do the work the natives couldn’t be bothered with, Europe is aiding and abetting in its own demise. Muslim immigration has become a Muslim takeover. A few years ago, Victor Volsky compared the situation to that of the mammoth wasp and its prey. Why such an analogy? Well, a mammoth wasp ensures the survival of its children using a rhinoceros beetle like canned meat. The wasp finds the larva of the beetle that will act as a storehouse for it. With one strike in the nerve center, the mammoth wasp paralyzes the beetle and lays one egg in its outer skin. Immediately after getting out of the egg, the wasp’s larva starts to use its sharp jaws, eating through the first layer of the beetle’s outer skin before getting to the inner organs and devouring them until the entire stock of food is eaten. The consumption of the helpless host goes in a strict sequence: first the baby wasp eats the least important organs, like muscles, blood, fat… and only then does the nervous system follow. It means that the paralyzed victim stays alive until the last moment. In this blood-chilling way the growing larva of the mammoth wasp has fresh food during the entire period of its growth. source: http://chersonandmolschky.com/2014/07/18/muslim-immigrants-suicidal-prey/

Kidnapping Europeans for ransom has become a global business for Al Qaeda, bankrolling its operations across the globe. While European governments deny paying ransoms, an investigation by The New York Times found that Al Qaeda and its direct affiliates have taken in at least $125 million in revenue from kidnappings since 2008, of which $66 million was paid just last year. In news releases and statements, the United States Treasury Department has cited ransom amounts that, taken together, put the total at around $165 million over the same period. These payments were made almost exclusively by European governments, who funneled the money through a network of proxies, sometimes masking it as development aid, according to interviews conducted for this article with former hostages, negotiators, diplomats and government officials in 10 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East... Europe has become an inadvertent underwriter of Al Qaeda. The foreign ministries of Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland denied in emails or telephone interviews that they had paid the terrorists... “Kidnapping for ransom has become today’s most significant source of terrorist financing,” said David S. Cohen, the Treasury Department’s under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, in a 2012 speech. “Each transaction encourages another transaction.” And business is booming: While in 2003 the kidnappers received around $200,000 per hostage, now they are netting up to $10 million, money that the second in command of Al Qaeda’s central leadership recently described as accounting for as much as half of his operating revenue. “Kidnapping hostages is an easy spoil,” wrote Nasser al-Wuhayshi, the leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, “which I may describe as a profitable trade and a precious treasure...” To minimize the risk to their fighters, the terror affiliates have outsourced the seizing of hostages to criminal groups who work on commission. Negotiators take a reported 10 percent of the ransom, creating an incentive on both sides of the Mediterranean to increase the overall payout, according to former hostages and senior counterterrorism officials. Their business plan includes a step-by-step process for negotiating, starting with long periods of silence aimed at creating panic back home. Hostages are then shown on videos begging their government to negotiate... “The Europeans have a lot to answer for,” said Vicki Huddleston, the former United States deputy assistant secretary of defense for African affairs, who was the ambassador to Mali in 2003 when Germany paid the first ransom. “It’s a completely two-faced policy. They pay ransoms and then deny any was paid.” She added, “The danger of this is not just that it grows the terrorist movement, but it makes all of our citizens vulnerable...” The bulk of the kidnappings-for-ransom carried out in Al Qaeda’s name have occurred in Africa, and more recently in Syria and Yemen... We know that hostage takers looking for ransoms distinguish between those governments that pay ransoms and those that do not, and make a point of not taking hostages from those countries that do not pay... And recent kidnapping-for-ransom trends appear to indicate that hostage takers prefer not to take U.S. or U.K. hostages, almost certainly because they understand that they will not receive ransoms. Western countries have signed numerous agreements calling for an end to ransom paying, including as recently as last year at a G8 summit, where some of the biggest ransom payers in Europe signed a declaration agreeing to stamp out the practice. Yet according to hostages released this year and veteran negotiators, governments in Europe — especially France, Spain and Switzerland — continue to be responsible for some of the largest payments, including a ransom of €30 million — about $40 million — paid last fall to free four Frenchmen held in Mali... The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for security reasons, went on to describe how the money was transferred. European governments send an escort, he said, who travels with the money several hundred miles into the desert until the last safe outpost, usually leaving from Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, or Niamey in Niger. The negotiator and his driver then continue driving all day, and sometimes all night, traversing a roller coaster of undulating dunes. Once the negotiator arrives at the meeting point, he waits until his satellite phone beeps with a text message. In the message is a pair of GPS coordinates. He drives another five to six hours until he reaches the new address in the sand and waits for the next text, containing another set of coordinates. The process is repeated a minimum of three times before the jihadists finally show themselves. The money is counted on a blanket on which the fighters sit cross-legged, their guns at their sides, the official said. The millions are then divided into stashes, wrapped in plastic and buried in holes hundreds of miles apart, a detail he was able to glean after repeated meetings with the terrorist cell. They mark the location on their GPS, keeping track of it just as they track their buried cars and fuel drums. The money is written off by European governments as an aid payment, or else delivered through intermediaries, like the French nuclear giant Areva, a state-controlled company that a senior negotiator said paid €12.5 million in 2011 and €30 million in 2013 to free five French citizens. (A spokesman for Areva denied in an email that a ransom had been paid.) In Yemen, the intermediaries are Oman and Qatar, which pay the ransoms on behalf of European governments, including more than $20 million for two groups of hostages released in the past year, according to European and Yemeni officials. source: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/30/world/africa/ransoming-citizens-europe-becomes-al-qaedas-patron.html

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Post  polka23dot Mon Dec 29, 2014 2:30 am

In France there are about 750 Sharia zones that the authorities ask tourists not to go in and that the French try not to enter, about five million Muslims live there. They live on their own, beyond the French laws. There are frequent kidnappings of girls there, who later become sex slaves. Such zones are in Belgium, Sweden and the United Kingdom. source: http://english.pravda.ru/hotspots/terror/12-12-2014/129298-europe_islamists- 0/

With Europe's open-border policies, imposed by the European Union, national authorities must keep track not only of their own Muslim terrorists returned from Syria, but also of those from other EU countries who are planning attacks on their soil. It is an impossible task... In 1962, France was involved in a brutal war in Algeria. At the time, there were eight million Muslims in Algeria and one million French. The latter, the so-called Pied-Noirs ("black-feet"), often were second-, third- or fourth-generation immigrants to the country. In the case of the 130,000 Jewish Pied-Noirs, their ancestors had even been in Algeria for over a thousand years, predating the Islamic conquest of the country. The Algerian Muslims, fighting for independence, committed countless terror attacks against the Pied-Noirs. The deployment of half a million French troops proved insufficient to protect the one million Pied-Noirs. Ultimately, Algeria gained independence and became an Islamic state. Under the threat of physical extermination, over 800,000 Pied-Noirs were forced to "repatriate" to France... In Algeria, half a million French soldiers were unable to protect one million Frenchmen by monitoring a few hundred terrorists within a group of eight million Muslims. The question today is: How many police officers or soldiers will the French state need to protect 60 million Frenchmen, by monitoring the Islamic extremists within the group of six million Muslim immigrants in France?... Grass roots organization Pegida has for weeks been organizing demonstrations against the Islamization of Germany. The German authorities have tried to prevent people from participating in these rallies, but without success. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has accused Pegida of inciting hatred and has participated in counter-demonstrations. Week after week, however, the numbers of Pegida demonstrators grow. Last Sunday, however, Pegida announced that it was cancelling its demonstration this week after a meeting with the police. The German authorities claimed to have received information that Islamic extremists were planning an attack against Pegida. According to Pegida, it would be "irresponsible" to hold a rally that would expose its supporters and the city of Dresden to "incalculable risks." Since the German authorities are unable to protect peaceful demonstrators against the threat of Islamic terrorists, Pegida was forced to do what the German authorities had been wanting it to do all the time: Shut up and stop complaining about Islamization. The European authorities lack the manpower to confront Islamic extremism. But they also seem to lack the will to do so. As a consequence, fear is already ruling Europe. And while the Pied-Noirs in 1962 still had a place to be "repatriated" to, for the indigenous Europeans who want to escape Islam, there simply is no safe haven any more. Not even in Dresden. source: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/5121/europe-islamic-extremism

Muslim no-go zones in Europe: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/5128/france-no-go-zones

On Islamism, the response across Europe is unified. From Spain to Norway, one hears about too many immigrants, too much accommodation, too many social pathologies, too much Islamic supremacism, too much Shari’a (Islamic law), and too much violence. Increasing numbers of Europeans fear Islamism, grieve the loss of their traditional culture, and worry about their children’s future. Legacy parties, the media, and academics engage in a campaign of denigration, marginalization, and ostracism against these parties to place them beyond the pale, as though they were the new Nazis. This is dangerous and futile. Dangerous because, denied acceptability and deference, members of these parties will be more likely to express themselves through extremism and violence. Futile because the numbers in this legion are inexorably on the rise. For example, the Sweden Democrats have doubled their support in each of the past four elections. Survey research finds Le Pen and Wilders leading the polls in their respective countries. As they continue to gain new adherents, many will before long have an important voice in European countries. Rather than engage in name-calling and attempts at exclusion, established institutions should encourage the populist parties to moderate, become more sophisticated, and fully participate in the political process. Although these tend to be undisciplined, with some paranoid and unacceptable elements, they’re learning as they go, erratically becoming more reputable. Yes, many of them have dubious backgrounds – but so too do long-established parties in countries such as France and Sweden. Whether welcome or not, the insurgents are coming. The future will be better for all concerned if they assume their expected role with the establishment’s cooperation, not vilification. They deserve courtesy and respect. source: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/19/daniel-pipes-defense-europes-so-called-far-right/

In 1995, there were riots among French Muslims after the arrest of Khalid Kelkal of Lyon, who had planted several bombs — in a train station, near a Jewish school, on a high-speed rail track... when Charlie Hebdo printed a memorial cover this week that had a picture of its controversial cartoon character “Muhammad” on it, it was as if the attacks had never happened: Muslim community spokesmen, even moderate ones, issued dire warnings about the insult to them and their coreligionists. To many Muslims in France and the rest of Europe, the new drawings were evidence not that the terrorists had failed to kill a magazine but that the French had failed to heed a warning... Voters all across Europe feel abandoned by the mainstream political class, which is why populist parties are everywhere on the rise. Whatever the biggest initial grievance of these parties — opposition to the European Union for the U.K. Independence Party, opposition to the euro for Alternative für Deutschland, corruption for Italy’s 5 Star Movement — all wind up, by voter demand, placing immigration and multiculturalism at the center of their concerns... France, like Europe more broadly, has been careless for decades. It has not recognized that free countries are for peoples strong enough to defend them. source: http://www.wsj.com/articles/europe-immigration-and-islam-europes-crisis-of-faith-1421450060

Europe’s Civil War (short article written by Herbert London)
The civil war has begun. This is not a war recognized by European leaders. In fact, they deny it exists. But the evidence is now overwhelming. Europeans want to take their countries back from foreign invaders who are often criminals. After reports circulated that Muslim gangs had taken over Stockholm Central Station, two hundred Swedish patriots wearing masks descended on the area using force to remove Muslim terrorists. They have decided that men of good faith should fight to take their country back. The police have been instructed to remain silent in the face of evil, handcuffed by politically correct local and national leaders. The silence is deafening. As one of the vigilantes put it, “enough is enough.” Each day Swedes awaken to reports of murder, robberies and abuse. Sweden is now known as the rape capital of the world. The country has been forced to endure countless crimes in which perpetrators escape punishment through a fear of being labelled Islamophobic or assailants who claim to be underage with no papers to demonstrate otherwise. There is even the charge that in Mölndal the national chief of police chooses to show greater sympathy for the criminals than the victims. There is an ingrained spinelessness that has affected politicians and the judiciary system and a media that is complicit. When the streets are not safe, it is understandable that a portion of the population will react. Sweden is not alone. Germans of Russian descent attacked Muslims over the alleged rape of a 13 year old girl which turned out to be a fabricated story. Using baseball bats, they battered Muslim gangs who were thought to be involved in this crime. The Russian Foreign Minister seemingly gave his approval to the vigilantes. But the German police services continued to keep its head in the sand, pretending that these incidents hadn’t occurred. Two years ago the British Daily Mail reported hundreds of white girls used as prostitutes, rape victims and sex slaves by Muslim men, who government authorities refer to as “Asians.” What has not been reported is the blow-back with home grown British men taking the law into their own hands. A culture of silence and acquiescence may have allowed the criminality, but a large part of the public is in active rebellion, a rebellion across the continent. Needless to say, the compassion sympathizers are in thrall to the desperation of refugees living in Middle East squalor. What they do not understand is that these refugees are educated in a doctrine that demeans women and is in active opposition to Western dictates. Politicians, such as Angela Merkel of Germany, assume refugees can be assimilated. But many in her country are dubious about that claim. They live and breathe a new Germany, one in which assault is a daily occurrence. The opposition is on the move, not merely the opposition of parliamentarians. This is the opposition of men on the street eager to protect their women. My belief is conditions will worsen until that moment when judges and politicians accept the reality that assimilation is not working and either refugees learn to accept the laws and customs of the nations that have welcomed them or they are obliged to leave. That may be the salutary resolution to the civil war now raging on the continent. source: http://wamc.org/post/herbert-london-europe-s-civil-war

Europe’s Migration Cancer (short article written by Herbert London)
Roberta Flack, years earlier, sang what has become the Europeans theme song “Killing Me Softly.” Despite the reported wilding spree of at least a thousand North African refugees who groped women at the New Year celebration in Cologne, Germany, despite allegations of two rapes, despite condemnation by Prime Minister Merkel, the mayor of the city has requested that women monitor their “code of conduct.” Apparently German authorities will contest to their last breath that tolerance dedication will not yield. This is the tolerance that kills, softly at first and violently in time. What Germany represents is a continental death knell in which tolerance trumps personal safety and even survival. Compassion is the sentiment of the day. Yet it is hard to imagine inviting one million citizens into the country who are not assimilable with many on the public dole. This is one of those rare moments in history when people are paid for bad behavior. Much of the chaos Germany now endures was predictable. After all, many Muslim men treat woman as inferior, mere objects for their sexual delectation. The Koran endorses the proposition that a woman has half the rights of a man in any legal proceeding. Nonetheless, the compassion crusade goes on. Common sense would suggest that those who cannot assimilate should never be allowed in and those whose behavior violates German law should be thrown out. But that isn’t the conversation in political councils; it is the conversation on the street. The pols generally stand with Merkel. Some in Europe realize this migration increase could be a cancer that metastasizes throughout the continent. Poland and Hungary have raised their red flags. However, the cells of radical Islam are already well ensconced throughout Europe. As I see it, unless governments engage in a coordinated surge to eliminate separate Islamic communities in Western Europe, the murders in Paris, the wilding in Cologne, the bombing in Madrid will increase and spread. Security measures after an incident occurs are reinforced, but that is temporary. The new normal is to adopt a hands off policy. Separatism is the de facto status and may soon be the de jure option when places like Marseille resemble Tehran more than a French city. It is not merely the demographics that influence this outcome, but the complacency of governments and the naïve belief that in time conditions will revert to what once existed. In a real sense, the governments are complicit in their own demise. They fund the barbarians to act like barbarians, all the while congratulating themselves on their compassionate behavior. One wonders if Roman leaders conducted themselves the same way. Suicide is difficult to watch. The U.S. is hardly a model of migrant resistance as events in San Bernardino suggest. Of course, there are nations that have insulated themselves from the threat, with Japan immediately coming to mind. But they are few. The compassion impulse is irresistible. Western philosophy is now in thrall to tolerance. Heaven forfend if you maintain that some people and some cultures are superior. Even if a truth explodes before your very eyes, it must be denied. Lost in the morass of non-discrimination is a common sensical observation made by George Santayana among others. As he noted, the first obligation of the tolerant man is to be intolerant to intolerance. Samuel Taylor Coleridge made the same point when he argued “I have seen great intolerance shown in support of tolerance.” Part of the western tradition from Voltaire to William James is a belief that ideas are not dogmatic. There may be a right and wrong, but the search for truth is never ending. Ms. Merkel has allowed herself to be captured by the Zeitgeist. Her good intentions are yet another pathway to hell. As Evelyn Waugh wrote “…barbarism is never finally defeated… Unremitting effort is needed to keep men living together at peace; there is only a margin of energy left over for experiments, however beneficent. Once the prisons of the mind have been opened, the orgy is on…”. Ms. Merkel has opened the prisons of the mind and Germany is experiencing the results. source: http://wamc.org/post/herbert-london-europe-s-migration-cancer

Violence, repression are pushing Europe toward civil war: http://www.wnd.com/2016/02/violence-repression-pushing-europe-toward-civil-war/

Europe looks condemned to a permanent state of siege. But what if, one day, after more bloodshed and attacks in Europe, Europe's governments begin negotiating, with the mainstream Islamic organizations, the terms of submission of democracies to Islamic sharia law? Cartoons about Mohammed have already disappeared from the European media, and the scapegoating of Israel and the Jews started long time ago. After the attack at the church, the French media decided even to stop publishing photos of the terrorists. This is the brave response to jihad by our mainstream media. source: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/8576/

Academics from Stanford, Zurich, and the London School of Economics (LSE) have found that Europeans have a broadly negative view of Muslim economic migrants and are much more welcoming towards Christian refugees... Contrary to prevailing stereotypes around Eastern Europe being less welcoming than the West, opinions on these subjects were broadly the same across the continent... Muslims were the least welcomed religious group and attracted such strength of feeling that Hangartner described a “strong aversion towards Muslims”. Europeans showed a slight preference for agnostics, and for Christian migrants beyond that. source: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/09/23/study-europeans-prefer-skilled-christian-refugees-muslim-migrants/

"I think it will be a generation-long struggle that we face to absorb the return of thousands of foreign fighters, particularly to Western Europe." - Rob Wainwright (director of the European Union’s police agency Europol) source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09/29/returning-jihadists-leave-europe-facing-generation-long-struggle/

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future Europe slideshow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df9DBbWYqLQ

Molenbeek is what terrorism and security experts call a “no-go zone...” In France, these are largely Muslims from North Africa and former French West Africa. Some are French citizens and some are illegal residents... Mosques become hotbeds of radical activity. They are also ideal places to store and transfer weapons and explosives, to be used in the growing number of terrorist attacks taking place across western Europe... Non-Muslim owners of apartments and residents of these areas are forced out, often under threat of violence, or after having been attacked. Once radical Muslims have gained control over these no-go zones, the general non-Muslim population does not enter them, out of fear of being attacked. And soon after, the police and the fire departments fear to enter them, as well, and stop patrolling them altogether. Given the fact that the radical Muslim preachers of these ghettos are fundamentally anti-Semitic in their preaching, Jews in countries like France and Belgium, whose parents may have survived the Nazi occupation, are even more frightened of entering these no-go zones than other citizens. Not surprisingly, their synagogues in nearby suburbs are regularly attacked and vandalized. The state can neither protect Jewish citizens and their property, nor exert its authority in the no-go zones. Despite the fact that both the liberal American press and numerous think-tanks and research institutes in France, Belgium and Britain have done studies and written articles about this growing phenomenon, there are still elite politicians like the mayor of Paris who deny that there is any such thing as a no-go zone in the French republic... The reason apparently lone assassins suddenly materialize in prosperous European cities and are able to kill scores of people and wound hundreds is that they have a state within a state that gives them refuge, the no-go zone. There they do not need a passport. There they can store arms. There they can prepare their attack plans. From there they can quickly go out and wreak havoc. If they get lucky, their co-conspirators can disappear back into the no-go zones, knowing they will be seen as heroes by their neighbors, their religious leaders and the growing number of alienated, drug-dealing youth gangs. source: http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/europes-no-go-zones-inside-the-lawless-ghettos-that-breed-and-harbour-terrorists

Just 13.7 per cent of migrants in Europe say they are fleeing war, with most admitting they are economic migrants. source: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/11/16/ngo-report-migrants-europe-fleeing-war/

Turkey’s Islamist rulers have supported and maintained parallel networks in Europe, thrown political, diplomatic and financial support to front NGOs whose role is to promote hatred, run an intimidation campaign and curtail free speech in European nations that are home to large Turkish and Muslim expat communities. Delivering a very passionate speech last month at the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, called this as fifth column that is being operated by the cronies of autocrat president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to undermine Europe within. He called on lawmakers to fight for European values, send a strong message to Erdogan by freezing the accession talks with Turkey, which will most likely threaten this autocrat’s economic lifeline. source: http://www.mfs-theothernews.com/2016/12/islamist-dictator-erdogans-fifth-column.html

It seems that burning synagogues (a traditional German pastime?) is not really a crime at all. It’s merely a slightly over exuberant expression of political, not anti-semitic, views. But putting some bacon on a mosque door handles not only deserves a harsh prison sentence but also that the authorities the put the evil perpetrator (Kevan Crehan) in a prison where there is a high likelihood of him being killed by you know who... Given that British police, councils and local politicians all turned a blind eye to the rape and torture of over 50,000 white girls by Wonderful Religion gangs over a period of 15 years, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to find that that our terrified rulers have put their Wonderful Religion friends above the law, while using the law to brutally oppress anyone daring to oppose our rulers’ policy of turning Britain into an Islamic state. source: http://www.snouts-in-the-trough.com/archives/17774

Today we are witnessing the coming of the worldwide caliphate. This expression means that the Muslim view of history is currently prevailing in international institutions. We see it with the Jerusalem Declaration of UNESCO, this palace of revisionism. The Jerusalem Declaration seeks to Islamize, with the help of many governments in Europe and other Christian countries, the ancient history of the people of Israel. The Venice Declaration of 1980, issued by the European Community, which tried to force Israel to survive in an indefensible territory, already prescribed its disappearance and replacement with a people that had never even manifested itself before 1969 -- and all with the assistance of the Soviet Union and especially France. The Islamization of Jerusalem and the delegitimization of the State of Israel were already set out in the Venice Declaration, which to this date the European Union has continued to view as valid. The Venice Declaration of 1980 was a gift from the European Community to the Arab League, aimed at reestablishing good economic relations with Arab countries, which had been angered by the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979, a peace Europe had not been able to prevent. Jewish holy sites and the survival of the Jewish State were sacrificed by the European Community in exchange for petrodollars... Europe's alliance with the enemies of Israel, for the purpose of delegitimizing and destroying it, has simply continued the policies of Hitler and Pétain... The same obsessive hatred Hitler had for Israel, which led to the ruin of Europe, has persisted today in the European Union against the Jewish State. The great irony is that in trying to destroy Israel, Europe has destroyed itself. source: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/9613/europe-hatred-israel

Algerian government has found another much needed source of income; bribes from European governments to take back illegal migrants. For example, in 2016 nearly 4,000 Algerians illegally entered Germany (the favorite destination for illegals) and most applied for asylum (and permanent residence). Over 97 percent of these applications were rejected. That should have meant deporting the illegals back to their country of origin. But so far fewer than a hundred of these illegal Algerians have returned, usually voluntarily. This scam works because people smugglers market their services by pointing out to potential customers (anyone who could afford the thousand or so dollar fee to be smuggled into Europe) that all they had to do was destroy their identity papers. This meant that in EU (European Union) countries you could not be sent home. That was the result of the EU developing rules between 1958 (when the EU was founded) and 1993 that created a situation where if you could get to an EU country it was almost impossible to deport you. There were ways to identify many of these illegals (fingerprints, DNA and so on) but the nations these people fled usually didn’t want them back and refused to acknowledge most of these ID efforts. Even illegals caught and convicted of terrorist acts could not be sent back if they did not identify themselves. Thus some known terrorists (including at least one Algerian in Britain) have managed to stay in EU countries for over two decades. Eventually the EU nations found that bribes worked. These weren’t called bribes but that’s what they usually were, with much of the money going to the local officials who allowed illegals to be returned. Meanwhile the smuggling gangs (from Europe, Africa and the Middle East) now take in over a billion dollars in fees from illegals believing the risk and expense is worth it... The EU and Mali signed an agreement whereby Mali agrees to accept the return of illegal migrants who got into Europe but were denied asylum. Since early 2015 more than 10,000 Malians have illegally entered EU nations. Mali will receive $154 million from the EU for programs associated with the returned illegals and helping to prevent future illegal migration. These deals usually involve local officials taking some of the money, unofficially, as compensation for agreeing to the deal. Mali also depends on the EU for a lot of economic and security assistance so the agreement was something of an offer Mali couldn’t refuse. For nations like Algeria, which do not receive much, if any, foreign aid, using the threat of cutting aid does not work. So the direct approach, using some sort of “special aid” has to be used. source:

An average of 55 per cent of people across the 10 European countries surveyed wanted to stop all future immigration from mainly Muslim countries... Only 20 per cent disagreed, while 25 per cent said they did not know... A ban was supported by 71 per cent of people in Poland, 65 per cent in Austria, 53 per cent in Germany and 51 per cent in Italy. In the UK, 47 per cent supported a ban. source: www.independent.co.uk/news/world/e-a7567301.html

In a Pew survey of 10 European countries in 2016, majorities of the public had an unfavorable view of Muslims living in their country in five countries: Hungary (72%), Italy (69%), Poland (66%), Greece (65%), and Spain (50%), although those numbers were lower in the UK (28%), Germany (29%) and France (29%). There was also a widespread perception in many countries that the arrival of refugees would increase the likelihood of terrorism, with a median of 59% across ten European countries holding this view. This mirrors some attitudes in the US. source: https://www.chathamhouse.org/expert/comment/what-do-europeans-think-about-muslim-immigration

Ukrainian psychologist Aida Bolivar translated Arabic conversations in Budapest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U36fCE_vCE

Christmas is... disappearing all over Europe...
   -In Denmark, a primary school in Graested cancelled a traditional church service marking the beginning of Christmas in order not to offend Muslim pupils.
   -In France, the annual Christmas market in the Croix-Rousse district of Lyon was cancelled because of exorbitant security costs associated with protecting the event from Islamic terror.
   -In neighboring Belgium, the head of the Red Cross in Liège, André Rouffart, ordered all 28 offices in the city to remove crucifixes to affirm the organization’s secular identity.
   -In Germany, a school in Lüneburg postponed a Christmas party after a Muslim student complained that the singing of Christmas carols during school was incompatible with Islam.
   -In Italy, a school in Milan removed references to Christmas at a party and renamed the holiday as “The Great Festival of Happy Holidays.”
   -In Norway, a primary school in Skien announced that its Christmas festivities this year would include not only the usual reading by pupils of verses from the Bible but also two verses from the Koran which refer to Jesus.
   -In Spain, the Madrid City Council replaced Christmas festivities in the capital with a neo-Pagan “International Fair of the Cultures.”
source: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2017/12/27/responding-islamisation-west/

New Pew Research Center survey has found that around 42 percent of the general population across 15 western European states believe that “Islam is fundamentally incompatible” with their national values and culture. source: https://www.rt.com/news/428300-muslims-europe-religious-study/

Jihadist attacks on European targets more than doubled last year... Europol's 2018 Terrorism Situation and Trend report said. source: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5865725/

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