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Slavery      Empty Slavery

Post  polka23dot Sat May 24, 2014 2:31 am

The Qatar World Cup is a human rights catastrophe... In the past year alone, according to ESPN, 184 Nepali migrant workers have died, mainly from "sudden cardiac death" caused by terrible working conditions and extreme heat. The Nepalese embassy in Qatar, meanwhile, says 400 workers had died on World Cup projects since 2010. And that's just the Nepalis... Sharan Burrow, the general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation, is quoted in the ESPN documentary as saying that at current rates, 4,000 people will die to make the 2022 World Cup a reality. A March ITUC report said that 1,200 migrants have already died in the four years since the tiny, oil-rich Gulf State was awarded the World Cup in a shady and stunning decision... All of these abuses are possible because of the nation's kafala employment system, which has been aptly described as modern-day slavery. Through kafala, employers are allowed to confiscate a migrant's passport and withhold exit visas, effectively preventing that person from leaving the country. source: http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_world_/2014/05/14/qatar_world_cup_migrant_worker_abuses_fifa_needs_to_do_something_about_the.html

Though largely unknown in the Western general public, Dah Abeid was recognized in 2013 by the United Nations (UN) as one of the world’s foremost abolitionists, receiving the prestigious UN Human Rights Prize from Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon last year in New York. Reflecting his human rights stance and his Le Journal de Sahara statement, Dah Obeid’s RAG ran on an anti-slavery, anti-racism, anti-corruption platform in the recent election. Dah Abeid himself is the son of a slave; his father was freed by his grandmother’s master, but his grandmother and uncles remained slaves. “I am from the servile community of Mauritania that makes up 50 percent of the population,” said Dah Abeid in a speech at the UN Human Rights Summit in Geneva earlier this year... Mauritania’s slaves are black and their owners are Arabs or Berbers, called “whites,” who constitute about 20 percent of the population and almost all of the political, business and military elite class that controls the country. Like most other Mauritanians, both slaves and masters are Muslim... Slavery was abolished in Mauritania in 1981 and criminalized in 2007, but only one person has ever been convicted and jailed for owning a slave. Local and foreign observers of Mauritania’s human rights situation generally regard these decrees as having been made solely for foreign consumption. source: http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/stephenbrown/africas-new-nelson-mandela/

Amnesty International urged Mauritania on Thursday to end "harassment, intimidation and repression" of anti-slavery activists, following a number of high-profile arrests. source: http://news.yahoo.com/mauritania-urged-end-crackdown-slavery-activists-150521229.html

Most college students believe that America invented slavery. source: http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/29719/

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