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Post  polka23dot Tue Jun 18, 2013 1:27 am

Hindu Women in India Found Raped and Chopped Into Pieces by Muslims: https://shariaunveiled.wordpress.com/2012/08/11/hindu-women-in-india-found-raped-and-chopped-into-pieces-by-muslims/

On a Sunday in July nine bombs went off in Buddhism's most sacred place, Bodh Gaya in India. The jihadists said the bombing was in retaliation for the Buddhists resisting jihad in Myanmar. This would be the equivalent of bombing the Wailing Wall, St. Paul's Cathedral, Bethlehem or the Kabbah. But, since Buddhists are the least political of all religions, the media barely noticed. source: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/07/the_jihadists_--_on_this.html

    Nehru Dynasty has hidden its Muslims relatives and Muslim roots for many decades and has been fooling Indians for more than 60 years (Nehru parivar aur Congress 60 sal se Hindustani ko bewakoof bana kar rahein hai). Muslims and British know that Nehrus are fraudsters and Islamic (false Hindu Brahmins). Indian Constitution was written by ANTI-HINDUS like Ambedkar and Jawarlal Nehru. Therefore, it needs to be re-written again. Share and spread the message.
    A critical analysis of Nehru Dynasty proves that it is looting India since 1947, corrupt and Muslim from inside: for allowing Paki/Bangla Muslim infiltrators into India; giving Hajj money to Indian Muslims; giving money to Indian Muslim Madressas; injustices to Non-Muslims; bias towards Indian Muslims; etc. Jawarlal Nehru’s real father (Mobarak Ali) was a Muslim and his mother (Swarup Rani) was a Hindu. Jawarlal Nehru was born as a Muslim (circumcised). Motilal became a widower. Jawarlal’s father Mobarak Ali Ghazi died and his mother became a widow. Motilal Nehru was an employee of Mobarak Ali’s lawyers business. Both Motilal and Jawarlal’s mother (Swarup Rani) ended up marrying and Motilal Nehru inherited late Mobarak Ali’s law business. Therefore, Motilal became a step-father (?????? ???? = Sautela pita = not real father) of Jawarlal. Indira Gandhi's sex with Feroz Khan produced Rajiv Gandhi. Indira Gandhi's sex with Mohamed Yunus produced Sanjay Gandhi. Indira Gandhi took Muslim name as “Maimuna Begum” and converted into Islam in London, England before marrying Feroz Khan. Indira Khan was told to change her name to Indira Gandhi by ashamed Congress and Mahatma Gandhi. Farooq Abdullah (Kashmir Chief Minster) is a firstcousin/relative of Indira Gandhi. Motilal Nehru’s daughter (also Jawarlal Nehru’s step sister or half sister) married a Muslim whose son is Farooq Abdullah. Feroze Varun Gandhi (Sanjay Gandhi’s son) and Rahul Gandhi (Rajiv Gandhi’s son) should not be allowed to become Prime Minister. People say that Varun’s London education was financed by Sonia Gandhi. Varun was urged to join BJP (not Congress) by Sonia Gandhi. Ask Varun if these things are true. All Indian children want to become Prime Minister.
    Nehru Dynasty not letting Paki/Bangla Non-Muslims settle in India; not giving pilgrimage money to Indian Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists; confiscating Hindus donation money to Hindu temples; etc. Nehru Dynasty being Islamic, its work is to divide/break up India, and to clash/pit/collide Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, etc against one another. All Muslims of India have known for decades that Nehru Dynasty is Islamic. Can you trust Paki born Manmohan Singh? Manmohan Singh could be a Muslim inside and Sikh from outside. Nehrus are showing their true Muslim colours. Look at Rahul Gandhi, he is a Muslim inside. Nehrus have their chuths wide open for Muslims. Nehrus are false Hindus (Brahmins). Nehrus are not Maharajas (but Mahachuths) of India.
India       Nehru-family1
source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=221136581371358&set=a.105866832898334.15925.100004250521825&type=1&theater

Presently, Indian Mujahideen (IM) is the most dreaded terror outfit in India. Some of the major terror attacks carried by IM: 2007 Uttar Pradesh bombings, 2008 Jaipur bombings, 2008 Bangalore serial blasts, 2008 Ahmedabad serial blasts, 2008 Delhi bombings, 2010 Pune bombing, 2010 Varanasi bombing, 2011 Mumbai serial blasts, 2013 Bodh Gaya blasts. source: http://news.oneindia.in/feature/is-indian-mujahideen-planning-wage-chemical-war-against-india-1506045.html

Indian woman, who allegedly flouted a local voting ‘fatwa’, was assaulted and set on fire in Yevla town of the district in Maharashtra two days ago... After she had cast her vote, the activists somehow came to know that she had not pressed the button opposite their candidate’s name. Angered, they confronted her and sought an explanation from her for flouting their ‘fatwa’. Bawale pleaded with them that since her eyesight was poor, she may have inadvertently pressed the wrong button. source: http://www.blazingcatfur.ca/2014/10/17/woman-set-ablaze-for-flouting-voting-fatwa-in-maharashtra/

A Hindu-Muslim couple, recently married, was slain on Saturday morning. Their families were neighbors in a Hapur village (Uttar Pradesh, India), and the woman's kin had opposed the marriage. The couple was slain by the brothers of the woman... This is the fifth incident of honor killing in a week in this region. source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/meerut/articleshow/45321279.cms

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