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Post  polka23dot on Tue Apr 30, 2013 3:42 pm

Discrimination against white people is on the rise... Tom Lanneau, an 18-year-old political science student at the University of Paris, said he experienced racism growing up as the only white child in a French housing project. source:

For decades, people have been warning about the democratic deficit at the heart of the European Union. If you asked most Irish people how the EU works, most would not be able to tell you. How many people know what the relationship is between the European Commission, European Council and European Parliament, or even whether the parliament can initiate legislation? (It cannot directly but it can ask the commission to submit legislative proposals.) source:

European Union drifts toward a dictatorship:

Hamas is no longer a terrorist organization. This is the astonishing verdict of the General Court of the European Union, delivered only a few months after Hamas indiscriminately fired thousands of rockets against civilian targets in Israel. source:

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